Dialectical Behavior Therapy | The Retreat at Sheppard Pratt

Dialectical Behavior Therapy Track

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is an empirically supported psychotherapy that is principle driven and has been found to be effective in treating symptoms and behaviors related to emotion dysregulation.

Emotion dysregulation is a common feature in a variety of psychiatric disorders such as borderline personality disorder, trauma related disorders, eating disorders, substance abuse, anxiety, and depression. At the Retreat, DBT is implemented across the continuum of care as a platform for state of the art psychiatric care. This behavior-based approach is infused into the milieu of our residential, group home, and outpatient treatment environments meeting the needs of our clinical population.

5 Functions of DBT

The five essential functions of DBT are to:

  1. Enhance capabilities through learning and practice
  2. Improve motivation
  3. Assure generalization to the natural environment
  4. Structure the environment
  5. Enhance the capabilities and motivation of psychotherapists

DBT Resources

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