Psychotherapy, Psychiatric & Mood Disorder Programs | The Retreat at Sheppard Pratt

Program Overview


The Retreat at Sheppard Pratt is a sixteen bed unit designed for patients seeking a comprehensive evaluation and intensive treatment experience in a psychotherapeutic milieu, unencumbered by the payment policies of third parties (our pricing). The Retreat offers a premier setting for an intermediate length of stay of a few weeks to several months. Approximately 40% of our patients have psychiatric conditions complicated by alcohol or substance abuse. These problems are addressed comprehensively at The Retreat in the context of the whole person, within a supportive psychotherapeutic framework. We are especially well known for our work with individuals in a period of life transition, including emerging adults seeking increased independence, professionals at a crossroads, adults facing retirement and loss, problems in marriage, and other interpersonal difficulties.

The Retreat offers a multi-disciplinary treatment approach to a variety of psychiatric conditions that can be treated safely and effectively in an open environment. Individualized treatment involves at least five elements:

  • Diagnostic assessment
  • Psychopharmacological interventions
  • Individual and group psychotherapy, both psychodynamic and cognitive behavioral
  • Expressive therapies, including art therapy, Eastern movement and meditative practices, and experiential therapy
  • Transition to after care with follow-up

Experienced, Hands-On Psychiatrists

A unique feature of The Retreat is the involvement of experienced psychiatrists in the treatment of each patient. Each patient works individually with a psychiatrist who is an expert psychotherapist, and who leads the patient’s individual treatment team. The patient meets for individual psychotherapy  three times weekly with his or her psychiatrist, in addition to other sessions with experts in multiple areas of therapy:

The psychiatrists are integrated into the group therapy programs on The Retreat, co-leading a variety of the groups, from psychodynamics to psychoeducation. They are not simply consultants, but an integral part of the treatment team, lending their high level of expertise and experience to all levels of the patient’s treatment.

The Retreat Location & Patient Treatments

The Retreat is located in a safe, comfortable and elegantly appointed setting in a specially renovated space within the Sheppard Pratt Health System. Each patient is assigned a private suite, inclusive of a bath, with the highest quality amenities. These include individual television with cable access, bedside telephones and internet connection. The Retreat affords patients complete confidentiality and discretion throughout all aspects of their stay.

Patients admitted to The Retreat must function at a level where they do not need a locked unit, seclusion, or restraint. Patients who are acutely suicidal, violent, or acting out in self-destructive ways may be transferred to an inpatient unit within The Sheppard Pratt Health System, where such acute problems can be addressed within the safety of a locked unit.

The Retreat treats patients with a variety of psychiatric diagnoses, such as depression and other mood disorders, anxiety disorders, and disabling adjustment disorders. The Program Director, in consultation with the Medical Director, assesses the presenting issues of each patient seeking admission to determine their clinical appropriateness for the milieu.

Dual Diagnosis

The Dual Diagnosis track at The Retreat is specifically designed for those patients with co-occurring psychiatric and substance use disorders. It is integrated into the overall Retreat treatment program, and includes individual and group therapies, Eastern movement therapies, medical evaluation, psychopharmacology, as well as an emphasis on 12-step groups for the maintenance of long-term sobriety. The Retreat has counselors, family therapists, and psychiatrists with special training and expertise in the evaluation and treatment of these challenging conditions.

Often, treatment focuses only on the psychiatric symptoms or substance use issues. We believe that for most people a more comprehensive approach addressing both problems at the same time is the most successful. In addition to the standard Retreat programming, those in the dual diagnosis track will

  • be seen in consultation by a psychiatrist with special expertise in addiction medicine
  • meet with an experienced certified addictions counselor
  • attend The Retreat-based addictions group as well as weekly educational didactics
  • have access to 5 different 12-step meetings per day on the Sheppard Pratt campus
  • Family therapies  in person, or if this is impossible, via conference call

Our philosophy is to treat the whole person in the most individualized, compassionate, comprehensive way possible giving them every opportunity to have a full recovery and get on the road to a happier, more productive life.

Patient Stay

All patients should anticipate a minimum stay of 20 days in order to complete the diagnostic assessment and begin effective treatment. Continued length of stay is determined based on the recommendations of the treatment team and the patient’s desire to continue receiving care at The

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